About Our Company

EAT GOOD. our story.

Born in Berkeley and raised in Richmond, Muffin Revolution is a women-owned business with a drive to change the way people eat. While rock climbing, Marirose and Christy developed the idea of adding a meal into a muffin that could be eaten on-the-go. After months of recipe development in Marirose's Berkeley kitchen, the climbing gym became their first account. From those humble beginnings, a Revolution was born. Muffin Revolution's facility is now located in Richmond, just down the street from the Rosie the Riveter Museum, a constant reminder that women can get it done. 

FEEL GOOD. our mission.

Using the muffin as a vessel, Muffin Revolution provides a compact, convenient, and creative way to eat real food.

DO GOOD. our vision.

When we feel good, we want to do good, whether that means doing good for our bodies and making smart, healthy decisions, or whether that means doing good for our friends, our neighborhood, or our planet. Doing good feels good. And eating good helps us feel good, which helps us do good. It's all a beautiful cycle of GOOD. 

Muffin Revolution wants to do good by making it easier for people to eat good, so they can feel good. Muffin Revolution's vision is to drive change in the muffin category by making it more than just a breakfast. Through it’s sweet, savory, paleo & kid-friendly product lines, Muffin Revolution can be a meal – anytime, anywhere. Be the change you want to see, and Muffin Revolution will provide the love.