THE RING PROJECT is a non-profit organization that creates a new purpose for diamond and other precious rings - using the proceeds from the sale of donated rings to fund scholarships to medical and law school for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Muffin Revolution supports The Ring Project by helping fund scholarships and in essence, by our co-founder, Marirose Piciucco, also being the Founder of The Ring Project. READ MORE...




Words we live by. 

At Muffin Revolution, we are driven to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We start with paleo friendly, gluten free muffins, and keep right on going with education scholarships and other kickass ways to empower women.

From California all the way to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and points in between, our unrivaled superfood muffins have helped improve the lives of many women, their families and their communities.

We inspire flight, the ultimate superpower.

At our core, Muffin Revolution is all about fueling inner superheroes. We do so with our superfood muffins, but our ambition has grown beyond the confines of our delivery route. Our 100% women-owned business is 100% focused on helping women rise up and soar.  

Together, with our partners, Muffin Revolution is fostering—and funding—an environment where women can lean on each other and hold each other up.

No pressure, but the more of our muffins you buy to fuel your inner superhero, the more you’re helping women become superheroes in their communities. A true win-win. Thankfully, it doesn’t take superpowers to recognize the benefits of lifting others up, especially women. We’re counting on its contagiousness. You too can find your superpower and be someone’s hero.