Rainbow Game

We strongly believe in the importance of eating foods from all the colors of the rainbow. When you eat different colors, your body benefits from the wide array of vitamins and micronutrients that are specific to those colors. So the more colors you eat, the better! 



1) Look at the back of your label to find the SECRET WORD. The secret words on all 6 labels spell: EAT • THE • COLORS • OF • THE • RAINBOW

2) Mail in proof of purchase of all six labels. You can peel off the labels and stick them to a piece of paper, or fold the label onto itself. As long as we can see the secret word on all 6 labels, you're good to go!

3) We'll send you a check for $10! 



Attn: Rainbow Game
Muffin Revolution
1080 Marina Way S.
Richmond, CA 94804

*Check will be sent to the return address on the envelope, so make sure it's legible.