Tried these at Celiac Awareness Night. Both my celiac and non-celiac child loved them! The carrot is our favorite. Ran out to Whole Foods today to get some! ~ Shalini


Un-freaking-believable. The chia chocolate cherry muffins are the most mystical invention I've ever encountered. They honestly taste even better than regular muffins, yet somehow are only made of nutritious, protein-rich ingredients?! Even my pickiest friends have been absolutely mind-blown when they try them -- and then even more so when they see the ingredients list. Muffin Revolution is my #1 love; I could literally live off of these. ~ Heather


Simply awesome muffins made with loving care by real artists. They keep coming out with new and surprising varieties. Love every one of them! ~ Gary


Made with love. You can tell.... ~ Unleasha Z.


Important dates don't need to be calendared -- birthdays, anniversaries, July 4th, and the days for when Muffin Revolution delivers to my favorite nearby cafe. I usually ignore the pastries on display at coffee shops, but one day, the word "paleo" caught my eye. I'm no scientist of things older than Van Halen's first album, but I have my doubts that folks from the paleolithic era snacked on finely baked goods. Regardless of that, the ingredients from their Paleo line fit the bill for the latest diet I've been on. Sure wacky diets come and go, but this wacky low-carb diet actually leaves me feeling really good; and if the lovely folks at Muffin Revolution can bake a muffin that fits the bill, they've got a loyal customer in me. ~ Jimmy