Variety Pack - 6 Large Muffins

Variety Pack - 6 Large Muffins

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Not sure what flavor you want to commit to buying? Order our variety pack of 6 muffins so you can sample all of them! These muffins are larger than the other ones we sell on the website and in grocery stores, twice the size in fact. Your variety pack will come with the following quantities/flavors:

(2) Banana Bam Bam (our best seller): Banana, blueberry, coconut

(1) Yam Good: Yam, apple, pecan

(1) 24 Carrot Gold (vegan): Carrot, raisin, flax

(1) Cha Cha Cha: Chocolate, cherry, chia

(1) La La Lemon: Lemon, zuchhini, chia




HOW IT SHIPS:  $8 Flat Shipping with 4 items or more. Ships UPS or USPS Priority (2-3 Day).

WHEN WE SHIP:  We ship on Wednesdays and your muffins will typically arrive on Thursday-Saturday, depending on where you live in relation to our California facility.

WHAT IT SHIPS IN: Our product is shipped frozen in an insulated envelope with a frozen gel pack. The muffins should arrive at a temperature slightly cooler than room temp and can be re-frozen or refrigerated.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Freeze the muffins and thaw as needed OR refrigerate for consumption within 7 days. PRO TIP: If you freeze the muffins, peel the wrapper off when still frozen. This will result in less crumbling.